Technology Overview

Technology Stack

Loris Scanners

Loris is a family of solutions that is built on advanced and innovative IoT hardware and software platforms providing sensing, communication and power for Smart City and Traffic Management Systems applications.

The Loris collects data by detecting Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, RFID devices and can be equipped with various other sensors. It also provides advanced analytics for a more efficient and cost effective management of traffic and for a smarter city.

Loris Pro 3G

  • Sensor Interface: BLE, Wifi & NFC/RFID, RS485
  • Connectivity:3G & POE
  • Power:Solar, AC
  • Enclosure: Outdoor & Indoor
  • Use cases: Traffic Monitoring, Asset Tracking, Attendance

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Loris Lite

  • Sensor Interface: BLE

  • Connectivity: 3G, POE, Wifi 2.4/5GHz
  • Power: AC
  • Enclosure: Indoor
  • Use cases: Asset Tracking, Attendance

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Loris Lite X2

  • Sensor Interface: BLE, NFC/RFID

  • Connectivity: POE & Wifi 2.4GHz
  • Power: AC
  • Enclosure: Indoor
  • Use cases: Asset Tracking, Attendance

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Loris Pro2 3G

  • Sensor Interface: BLE, NFC/RFID, GPS

  • Connectivity: 3G
  • Power: Car Battery
  • Enclosure: Indoor
  • Use cases: AVL, Attendance

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Application Area

Vehicle Traffic Monitoring

A combination of Loris hardware and software can enable any platform to gather traffic behavior without requiring special hardware in vehicles. Loris provides a wide range of analysis functions so that a more accurate traffic planning can be achieved on a reliable basis.

Crowd Management

Based on Loris technology we provide real-time data on crowd density, distribution, flow, and can identify crowd patterns for indoor and outdoor applications such as dense urban zones, shopping malls, amusement parks, events and festivals, tourist attraction areas, hospitals, airports and railway stations.

Logistics Management

Keep track of goods through the entire storage and distribution process to control cost, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.


The CoreBlu line is an advanced Bluetooth Low Energy 4.x beacon devices using multi standard beacon technology.
The CoreBlu is specially conceived for advanced business solutions using location based and indoor navigation based applications. It features an ultra-low power consumption, long battery life. The CoreBlu can be easily mounted on various surfaces and uses commercially available replaceable large capacity battery.

X1-Pro 2

  • Size: 72 mm x 24 mm
  • Battery life: Upto 5 years
  • Use cases: Indoor Navigation

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  • Size: 70 mm x 25 mm
  • Battery life: Upto 6 Years 8 Months
  • Use cases: Indoor Navigation

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  • Size: 90 x 60 x 4mm
  • Battery life: Upto 2 years
  • Use cases: Attendance

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  • Size: 36 x 26 x 5.5 mm
  • Battery life: Upto 2 years
  • Use cases: Lost&Find, Asset Tracking

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Application Area

Indoor localization

With the help of smartphone, CoreBlu indoor tags allow positioning and navigation inside buildings and areas where GPS signal is not available.

Track & Find

CoreBlu tags makes it easy to track and locate your precious belongings and all that matters. Simply place a tag on your belongings and start tracking it with your smartphone or tablets.

Asset and Logistics Tracking

Replace conventional RFID or bar code on assets in warehouses by Motion Sensitive CoreBlu tags. This enables instant alerts when an asset leaves the premises.

Virtual leash

CoreBlu virtual leash allows you to receive instant alerts on your smartphone when your loved ones leave your defined virtual radius.

Location Based

CoreBlu tags enable retailers a new way of connecting to customers in their proximity by sending location based promotional and sales offers to their smartphone.

Luggage Tracking

CoreBlu's proximity and ranging feature eliminates the painful wait for your luggage at the airport baggage carousel by sending alerts on your smartphone when the luggage is in proximity.