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X2 Pro
X1 Pro 2
X1 A1
The CoreBlu line is an advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.x beacon devices using multi-standard beacon technology. It is specially conceived for advanced business solutions using location based applications. Various versions are available including with NFC integration, sensors and actuators.


Loris Pro 2 3G
Loris Pro 3G
Loris Lite
The Loris line of scanners is built on advanced and innovative IoT hardware and software platforms providing sensing, communication and intelligence for Smart City Crowd, Traffic and Asset Management applications.

Software Platform

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Dev Tools
Averos software platform integrates, analyses and combines data from hardware devices in one secure central server/Cloud platform. It also allows access to various kinds of services for live tracking and mapping of people & assets. We provide intuitive developer tools for integration into a wide range of applications..

Use Cases

Track & Find
Location based services
Asset & Logistics Tracking
Vehicle Tracking
Employee Attendance & Tracking
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence